1. Will the person that we first meet with be our Photographer for the day?
Yes, we make sure your first visit to us you meet with the Photographer who will be there on your day.

2. Do we get two photographers?
Always, every wedding that we shoot whether it is 50 guests or 500 guests we always believe a day cannot be captured to its full potential with out two of us. 

3. Is the assistant a professional photographer?
Yes! All of our second photographers are professional photographers in their own right.​

4. How long is the typical coverage for a wedding day?
At Oneiro our two most popular packages include a full day and night of coverage, which means from the moment the boys are putting their suits on until the end of the night when you and your partner drive off waving good bye to all your guests. Unless you book the Ultimate package which comes with a night photo shoot after your reception.​

5. How many photos are taken on the day?
An average of 1800 per wedding.

6. How do you back up your images?
In addition to portable backups on your wedding day, we also make another 2 x copies of each and every one of your image on our servers.​

7. Are you a member of The Australian Bridal Service?
Yes, any studios that you consider should be.​

8. Should I be worried if it rains on the day?
Not at all, some of the most beautiful photos are taken in the rain or over cast days, plus we also carry enough umbrellas for you and your bridal party. 

9. Do we get to keep the high resolution files from our wedding?
Yes, every package includes an option to have your high resolution files on your own personal USB drive.​

10. How soon after our wedding will we get to see our photos?
With in 72 hours we will have an online gallery viewable for you and all your guests. 

11. Do we get to pick the photos for our album?
Certainly, with your own personal USB drive that you receive with all high res images, you decide on the images as they are numbers from 1- 1000, all we need is to receive the images in your preferred number order and we can do the rest. 

12. What is the turn around time for an album?
From the date we receive confirmation from you, generally it is an 8-10 week turn around.

14. Can I get my photos printed on canvas, acrylic, in parent’s albums or as a framed enlargement?
Yes! We offer a variety of options to have enlargements of your beautiful photos. 

15. Can I change the inclusions in my package?
Yes, we are always willing to work with you to get you exactly what you would like in a package.

16. Do you hold dates?
Only if a deposit is made.
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